Pretzel Production Line WP/ Fritsch/ BmTec

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Category: Industrial equipment

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Pretzel Production Line WP/ Fritsch/ BmTec

  • Headmachine WP Multimatic MUC with pre-proofer
  • Winding and Long moulding machine Fritsch
  • Dough Strip Distribution System BmTec
  • 2 pieces sling Robot Fritsch PSB 700
  • Pretzel turning unit with spreading belt BmTec
  • Depositing machine on prover hanger BmTec
  • Proofer with cooling zone BmTec (L10,1 x W4,4 x H4,5 m)
  • Lye unit BmTec with automatic dosing

The Fritsch machines were manufactured in 2005 and were completely reconditioned by the manufacturer in 2017 with new cabling. The motors all run on direct current. The machines from BmTec were newly purchased in 2016 and the Dough Strip Distribution System was added in 2018. The head machine and pre-proofer are around 20 years old.

The head machine with the pre-proofer is controlled manually, as is the Fritsch winding and long rolling station. The machines from BmTec have separate touch screen controls. All machines are linked to one another. The wrapping robots can process 400-600 mm dough strips with a weight of 60-100 g (depending on the tool) and have an hourly output of 1,500 pieces each, a total of 3,000 pieces.

The Fritsch line has a new electric plan, all documentations are available.

Subcategory: Bread Roll Lines
Machine Description: Pretzel Production Line
Condition: very good
Baujahr: 2018

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