Rack Washer Colussi Ermes for washing and drying

Item number: ART2284

Category: Cleaning

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Automatic washing system with manual door for washing and drying of racks in the centrifugal system

Year of construction: 2013
Performance: 6-15 racks per hour

The washer is expressly for cleaning and drying of the following equipment:

  • Trolleys with different number of trays up to max. 865x660mm, 1950mm / h
  • Trolleys with different number of trays up to max. 1065x660mm, 1950mm / h
  • Perforated trays with edges on 3 sides 20mm high, 580x980mm lying on the trolley (ATTENTION, the sheets do not become completely dry in the middle, in the holes water remains)
  • Cutting sheets 600x200mm, 50mm high (special cars)
  • Cake rings 180 to 360mm, 50mm high (80% of the rings are 200mm)
  • Format change is simple and secure

Rack washer made entirely of stainless steel (AISI 304) and other food grade materials.
Insulated double wall insulated with cell-poly-urethane, for the guarantee of low surface temperature and low noise level.
All sides and inside edges are rounded (average radius 20mm).
Slides and bowls tilted for optimal water drainage, no accumulation of water and dirt, according to GMP standard.
System fully equipped with safety devices for staff and laundry

Wash cycle with the following phases:

  • Load
  • Wash
  • Rinse
  • Drying
  • Discharge

Electrical system with Siemens S7 control and OP 77A Control panel with stainless steel cover and Plexiglas door for protection. The system is IP65 protected according to the machine directive No. 2006/42 / EEC and No. 2006/95 / EEC.

The wash cycle can be programmed by the control panel with the following parameters:

  • Washing temperature
  • Cleaner dosage ON / OFF
  • Washing time
  • Rinsing time
  • Rinse temperature
  • Drying ON / OFF
  • Drying time
  • Rotation speed during drying
  • Fume extraction (fan included)

Package consisting of:
1. Automatic car wash with manual door for washing and drying rack in the centrifugal system
2. Boiler for heating the rinse water
3. Special car for washing cut sheets or rings
4. System for receiving the car with 100cm length and 85cm length

Subcategory: Other
Machine Description: Rack washer
Condition: very good
Baujahr: 2013

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