Bakery Equipment

Like every craft, the bakers and confectioners also have hand tools that are specifically tailored to their activities, which facilitate daily work and make high-quality results possible. In addition, there is a large number of small appliances and equipment designed for individual workflows or specialized applications. The bakery equipment section therefore ranges from the basic equipment with bowls, metal plates, molds or modeling kits to roll-out workstations or cooling units.

Bakery equipment for work preparation

Characteristic for the work preparation in the bakery trade are storage containers with and without cooling, scales, crushing devices and ingredients containers. Our offer for bakery equipment includes

  • Storage and transport containers of all kinds, cold storage and complete storage facilities
  • Flour silo plants
  • Flour scales and production scales
  • Grain mills, fine mills and residual crushers
  • Work tables and shelves
  • Equipment for the sales area

This ensures the cooling in storage, production and sales:

  • Fermentation breakers and fermentation cabinets
  • Freezer cabinets, cooling and freezer cells
  • Cream-freezers
  • Bakery refrigerators
  • Cooling compressors and other cooling systems
  • Flake ice and ice cream machines
  • Cooling stations stationary and mobile, refrigerators

For confectioners, we offer pastry machines, biscuit machines, machine tools, pastry machines, cream cookers, bakery machines, bakery machines and many more special machines - in total the complete bakery equipment for the hot and cold pastry shops. This makes the baking, decorating and refining of baked goods a pleasure for the baker:

  • Stop and unwinding machines
  • Planetary mixers
  • Nut and almond mills
  • Ice cream, chocolate and cream machines
  • Temperature control units
  • Glazier and apricot

Bakery equipment for the good taste and a noble look - that interests every baker.

Bakery equipment for dough production and dough processing.

Dough production is the heart of the bakery activity. We have the right equipment for every processing of grinding products:

  • Sourdough layers
  • Flour balances and flour sieves
  • Ingredient stations and containers
  • Water mixing devices
  • Kneading machines such as reciprocating, spiral or spiral kneaders
  • Stirrers and stirrers

In addition to this, the spare parts for each machine type as well as kneading kettles are of course also available for changing applications. Everything you need for dough processing can also be obtained from us under the keyword "bakery supply":

  • Cutting and forming machines
  • Work tables
  • Dough presses, dough weighers, dough dividers and cutting tables
  • Rolling machines and head machines
  • Rotary Actuator
  • Bread rolls and complete rolls
  • continuous bread lines
  • Fine pastry machines
  • Pretzel machines
  • Winding machines
  • Sprinklers, sprayers and staking machines

In the field of baking technology, you will find bakeries and any bakery equipment for the baking process

  • Burner cabinets
  • Floor ovens and rack ovens
  • Fat baking devices, fat pans
  • Baking stations with proofer
  • Loading ovens without fermentation area
  • Donut machines
  • Fermenter carriers and pull-off devices
  • Baking trays and baking trays
  • Transport trolleys, tipping platforms, transport baskets and racking weighers

Bakery equipment for hygiene, quality assurance and sales

In order to ensure hygiene and quality assurance in the bakery and our customers receive appealing products, our bakery equipment offer numerous additional services:

    Extraction hoods and ventilation technology

    Cleaning and rinsing machines, such as floor rinsing, crate washing or sheet metal cleaning machines

    Hygiene articles and spraying equipment

    Equipment for quality inspection and appropriate workwear

A good customer service assures you

  • Gate and bread slicing machines
  • Packing machines
  • Appealing packaging, coffee cups or cake containers
  • and, of course, with an optimal shop equipment, which includes computer registration counters, attractive shop furniture, coffee machines or kitchen counter tops.