Used bakery equipment

Used baker's machines

Used baker's equipment does not always have to be new. It is precisely when a bakery has to be equipped with a large number of high-quality investments. Used baker machines are a good alternative to lower costs. But also if "only" a further product line are included in the offer or the processes for an existing one are to be improved, used baker machines are first choice. This is because, as a rule, the in-house investment can be contested from current income and expenses. Here you will find used baker machines in top quality at a reasonable price. An information is worthwhile in any case - perhaps you can even bring our attractive offers to an idea that can be extremely profitable. The return on investment is hardly as cheap as anywhere else in the trade as it is customary for used baker's machines.

Used baker machines in top quality

No matter what machine you are looking for, you always profit from our long-term know-how in terms of quality. For 20 years, we have been selling used baker machines. We only supply machines to our customers, which correspond to our "satisfied customers" objective. We test the original condition, improve minor wear and tear or carry out a general overhaul - just in such a way that the best price / performance ratio is created for the customer. In order to realize this demand, of course, the years of experience are needed. We know not only the basic principles of bakery machine technology, but have also witnessed all the innovations of the past two decades. Our big advantage is that we can optimally connect the view of manufacturers and users. It is irrelevant whether it is a small kneader or a complete system. Altuntas is a family business that has emerged from a bakery. In the meantime, we have two patents in the development and production of brothers' machines. Our experience is fully at your disposal. The second side for your safety is the quality requirements of the German manufacturers. Boku or Diosna are recognized world-class brands that stand for top performance. What is also good and cheap in Europe is already on the delivery list. We do not only sell these brands in new machines, but we can also use them for used baking machines from these manufacturers.

Used bakery machines - fast payback

Our findings are in line with the studies of the Oeko Institut e.V. Freiburg i. Br. On the sustainability of ovens. The Institute for Applied Ecology Freiburg defined an average life span for these household appliances of 15 years - for professional machines used in craftsmanship, much longer running times are still valid. They are not only designed to be more robust and process-safe, they are also expertly maintained. Therefore, e.g. Baker's machines, as a rule, re-enter their investment sum over the entire course of their employment. Not a few models have paid off within two years - and still have a long working life in which they can realize further large sales volumes. Used baker machines are characterized by their full capacity at a much lower price. Here, the time for the return of investment sometimes drops below one year.
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