New Bakery Equipment

Bakery Machines Sale

Our bakery machines sale offers you affordable equipment that produces high quality bakery products in every required quantity. Our equipment is valid for all process steps which are necessary in the baking process. In every phase of preparation, production and sale, you can organize with appropriate machine flexibility and increased sales. Our bakery machinery sales includes


  • Complete bread and rolls
  • Fine bakery lines
  • Pastry machines and fat baking devices
  • Stirring machines and kneaders
  • Dough and knitting machines
  • Cutting and wrapping machines
  • Rolling machines
  • Ovens
  • Mills and shredders
  • Extraction technology and alkaline solutions
  • Flour silos, scales and Hebekipper
  • Transport containers and transport trolleys
  • Stainless steel furniture and gastronomic equipment
  • Cooling and fermentation equipment
  • Packing machines
  • Cleaning, rinsing and cleaning machines
With us, you can choose from new machines on the latest technical standard or under favorable price used baker machines.

Bakery Machines Sale - Cheap Used

Our Bakery Machinery Sale for used equipment makes you flexible in the management. For example, you brought the French way of life to your bakery? Croissants, baguettes or petit pains are very popular and the sales increase? Then it is time to make a self-supporting offer from the small charming attempt to enrich the German breakfast culture. The Cafe au lait from the new coffee machine is not enough to keep the Mediterranean lifestyle alive throughout the day. This is precisely the problem: the expensive coffee machine blocks the liquidity of the bakery for an extended period of time. The new coffee specialties are a trend that is strongly demanded by customers. Of course you can not do without it. But how can we finance a croissant wrapping machine? This would enable the trend to be further deepened and a growing market segment to be absorbed. The solution to the problem is a used machine from our bakery machinery sale. The price against a new device is so low that you do not have to take out a loan or make cuts in the company elsewhere. Even for a small bakery this issue can be dispensed from the current income. You also do not take any risks. Even if the demand for croissants should not rise further, the machine pays for itself quickly - because the investment costs are very low. Time-intensive workflows such as touring and rolling up the dough are quickly done by the machine. The employees can integrate the new offer into their activities without neglecting work elsewhere. All in all, the expansion of the offer will help you to create new customer groups and thus increase overall turnover.

Bakery Machines Sale - New Machines

New machines or entire production lines from our bakery machine sale are the cheaper choice for the core offer of a bakery. Because modern bakery machines are not only more efficient, they can also be assembled exactly according to the requirements of a bakery. Since the delivery volumes are known, an exact calculation can be made on the basis of the machine data. But not only through high unit numbers in a short time or the automated processes result in advantages, but also through the optimization of the processes. For example, a spiral kneader for dough preparation can process, for example, different grinding products according to demand over a sales day. Whether new machines or used machinery - our baking machines offers you only top products. We cooperate with well-known brands and are responsible for the general overhaul of older machines. With us you have the over 20 years confirmed satisfaction guarantee.
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